Two for Thursday - Mystery

Photo Credit : Joanne Scrace Photo Credit : Sheena Proudlock

Have you ever done a MCAL? A MCAL is a Mystery Crochet-A-Long where a group of people work on the smae pattern toghter and the look of the finished item is a complete surprize. I'm a big fan of THE CROCHET PROJECTs approach to modern stylish crocheted items so I jumped at the chance to make THE HOLBROOK HILLS SHAWL MCAL. It starts today the 26th of December and each new clue will be released weekly.

I've put together my own kit using UNDYED, KELP and ROCKPOOL ORGANIC 4PLY COTTON. The pattern calls for just over 50g of three high contrast colours.


Photo Credit : Melissa Kemmerer Photo Credit : Sheena Proudlock

This weeks knitted pattern is also a mystery. The TWELVE DAYS OF KNITMAS by Melissa Kemmerer of NOMADIC KNITS is the perfect way to wind down after all the excitement of the holiday season. This is a fast paced MKAL perfect for beginners as well as seasoned knitters with a new clue each day. The finished item will be a rectangular shaped wrap that plays with texture.

The pattern calls for a semi solid 50g of accent texture lace and 100g of a 4ply as well as 50g each of two contrasting 4ply mini skeins. I recommend mixing my bright white UNDYED LACE ORGANIC COTTON with BLUEFACED LEICESTER 4PLY the mix will create a nice bit of texture and colour contrast. Using DOROTHYS BRIDGE and STRAWBERRY for the minis would round out the christmas season, using INK and URCHIN would give the wrap a modent winter feel.

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