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  1. Socks are great projects for hand dyed yarn. A little goes a long way and usually only one skein is needed for a pair. When you make them yourself you can ensure a perfect cozy fit. Today we are featuring two FREE patterns that are very popular. I always recommend a wool with nylon content for socks. The nylon adds strength and durability to the socks and the wool adds the squishyness. Sadly I have yet to find a vegan yarn that has the same squish and durability, but please if you know of one comment on the post.


    Hermione's Eveyday Socks by Erica Lueder

    This great free knitting pattern has been tried and tested by many in the Ravelry community. Its a great textured sock which is easily customizable and only requires one hand of wool. I would recommend my Flotsam colourway in Merino/Nylon Sock 4ply.



    Survival Socks by Elin Stoodley

    Yes! You can crochet socks. This is a great basic sock pattern for the adventurous crocheter. I think it would look stunning in my Sea Thrift Colourway in Merino/Nylon Sock Wool